Wednesday 26 March 2014

Oh why don't we play cards for her?..

...He sneeringly replied. 'And just to make it interesting, we'll have a shilling on the side.'
For those of a certain age.

Dray, horse and carter fixed in the yard at Edge. I toyed with the idea of adding reins, but decided they would be a bit too much. It might get a tarpaulin folded on the deck though.


  1. That definitely sets the scene Chris. An old tarpaulin is certainly a must, perhaps with a length of coiled rope? BTW, there's a very nice horse-drawn cart on the Farthing layouts blogspot.

    Chris OD

  2. A nice little scene.
    As there's no brakes on the cart a scotch or two (wood rather than liquid) on the cart to shove under the wheels might be worthwhile.

  3. For a moment there I thought you had lost it! Nice scene, boxes maybe on the cart?