Friday, 14 March 2014

Ratio lineside hut kit

Ratio lineside hut
A hut wasn't part of the original design brief, but seeing as PECO stuffed one in an envelope and gave it to me, I thought I'd better use it. There are questions though. The use of a stone base is a bit unusual, but I'm guessing this is to match in with the other buildings in the range and as pictured in last months RM Ratio ad. The chimney is a bit industrial, ditto reasons I assume. How to make it different? I glanced over young Craig's instructions and ignored them (sorry mate) bocked the window with some Slaters planking, left the door ajar, added some microstrip,and worked a scrap of Wills corrugated down to a paper thin edge and glued it on. I kept the chimney as I couldn't think of anything better and washed the whole lot with Humbrol acrylics. Cost? Time and about 50p. A competition winner? No, I know the judge...

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  1. Shame you're eliminating yourself. It's a cracking conversion and it would be nice to have some competition! ;-)