Saturday, 15 March 2014

Building Ratio swan necked lamps

 As mentioned a couple of days ago I realised I needed some 4mm lamps so reluctantly opened the creaking front door of G**gemaster and bought a pack of Ratio swan-necked lamps. I needed two, you get nine, so I have spares. They come with some interesting parts: there are ladder hooks (shown at the bottom of the above photo) which I thought would make a cracking start-point for lifting eyes on 4mm diesels, but I decided to put straight bars on instead using the two lengths of flat wire included in the kit - OK it's the staples holding the pack together, but waste not, want not. Said staples were straightened out, 0.5mm holes drilled in the posts and about 8-10mm lengths of staple pushed through.
 The rest is more or less as the instructions and is a bit of a fiddle. You need a solvent with a quick bite as the skinny swan neck won't stay straight. I was reminded of a article way back using the green bit from remembrance poppies and a length of 30 amp wire to do the same thing in 7mm.

 One lamp needed a running in board.  So I have to make the bloody things now. Some signal box lettering - Cooper Craft probably, and a scrap of 20 thou plastic. Oh what fun - it's like trying to get houseflies to walk in a line -  the bloody things ping all over the room.

There isn't a right angle on it... however... suitably different from the norm.

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