Monday 17 March 2014

Slaters Dray 1

 Along with the lamps bought at G**gemaster was a Slaters dray. This is to drop into the yard at Edge and is new to me. There were imediately a couple of issues: Issue 1. I know nothing about horse drawn vehicles. Issue 2 the 'instructions are of the 'put the bits together' variety and relies on an 'exploded diagram' which is a photocopy of a photocopy and took me a minute or two just to work out which way up it was. Not a good start. So bearing that in mind I thought I'd do a Spitfire series to help anyone else out there who can't read the diagram.
The bits in the kit are well moulded and fairly flash free. The floor was cleaned up and the smaller and less complicated of the pivot rings fixed to the slots on the underside of the floor as above.
 There are no drawings or photos of the finished item in the kit so a quick reach across the bookshelf turned up this in Branchlines to Upwell by MP and shows what I think is a similar dray.
The larger pivot ring was stuck to the underside of the horse-attaching bit. There's a little moulded pip on the other side which I thought was a locator, but wasn't.

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  1. I've got a Slaters kit similar to this, although much older, waiting for me to get around to building it. It came in a beautifully-made cardboard box with various odds and ends.......barrels, sacks, etc. as well as a horse (or two?) and one of Slaters strangely flat figures.
    Not sure how old the kit is but I suspect nearly as old as I am.
    There's a pic in the Middleton Press book on the Brighton-Worthing line that looks like it's from the late '50s/early '60s showing a couple of horse-drawn vehicles parked up in the goods yard, they look like they were still in use (partly loaded).