Monday, 28 April 2014

Southwold Wagon-ish

And at last... the 7mm stuff can commence.
I really wasn't planning on another 009 layout, but that's the way it turned out and the expected 7mm narrow gauge got shifted back a peg. This means two things: 1. I'm back on track with the 5 year plan, and 2. certain people might start talking to me again.
Anyway... The above is the usual hi-tech approach and is the beginnings of a small wagon based on the slightly lower Southwold Railway round end varieties with a couple of alterations, i.e. the slightly opened out wheelbase of the Tri-ang chassis, and wood stanchions on the end replacing the prototype's angle iron. In searching around for inspiration I note that David Taylor had taken a similar route for his examples on Charmouth.
For the real thing aim at 30 secs into the following bit of film that I found on the line.


  1. For some reason it says 'video not found or access denied' Harumph. I was really looking forward to seeing it. :-(

  2. Chris, worked for me so the link is OK

  3. Yep, works now. Don't know what was wrong earlier. BTW, I like your wagon Chris. Please don't go on too much about 7mm or I'll get withdrawal symptoms.