Monday, 21 April 2014

The Lavender Mob

For the first time ever we visited the Lavender Line this afternoon. A bit of a curate's egg. I've lived near it for most of my life, and school holiday bike rides occasionally featured a clamber around the derelict buildings. Today though it looks well-tended, but feels woefully short of funds. If I were to volunteer anywhere it would be here (it's still only a bike ride away) but a conversation led me to believe that it's just as negatively de-marked and political as a lot of the other larger preserved lines, so I will now bury that thought.

A small but mixed variety of stock including this Belgian Cockerill 0-4-0 VB which caught my eye and a royal saloon which is on sale at £65k; which if you wanted a neat house conversion and have 100' of spare land is a snip.


  1. I used to volunteer at a famous Bedfordshire n.g. line when I lived down there. Gave up 'cos I got fed up with listening to the various factions bitch and whine about each other.

  2. I've been there a couple of times and, like you, found it a rather down at heel and sad little concern. However, on my first visit, at least ten years ago, my daugher and I had a brake van ride. It was a damp day and as we trundled the few hundred yard along the track, rain dripped off the trees and the brake van veranda and I remember a strong feeling of nostalgia for an era passed.. Mind you, I do get misty-eyed quite easily.