Friday, 23 May 2014

Morning Assembly

 My old mate Nigel always says that I'm a natural 009-er as I like the tinker factor. Nah, I just like taking things apart. Case in point is this Eggerbahn No 5 O&K. On running the idler gear jumps out as the retaining clip has gone. Simple - make another one. A bit of scrap 20thou fret from Worsley Works stand at last years 3mm bash gave the material.
A hole just under 2mm, a bend and a hack away to clear the wheel.
And bolt on.
Now in theory this should now work even without the rods which are missing. No chance. There is a mesh problem between the drive axle gear and the first idler. Back in the box...

Now if you think that is so funny 5C, you can line up outside my office.

1 comment:

  1. Egger no.5 is based on a Krauss loco that ran on the Stainz Lokalbahn, not an O&K. The original Egger no.2 steam loco is described as a "Koppel" but is unlike any O&K that anybody can remember ever seeing! Do try and concentrate young Mr F.
    There again, nobody loves a smartarse so just carry on in blissful ignorance for now.................