Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Take me to your Leader

 Off to sunny Sittingbourne, the jewel of Kent on Sunday. This had been talked about for a while; it's close enough to be local, but far enough away to need a day to do it properly. Allowing for the situation it's a cracking little line. It's never going to have the charm of the TR or the style of the IoM, but it does have originallity and lots of weeds. I'll return to this later on.
Back home saw the first of the track going down on Morton Stanley. Even though the points are pre-built it is still a slower game than throwing the PECO down, and I've yet to sort the switching out, as the throw falls somewhere between the large and small DPDT switches, to I may need to break with tradition and bend an Omega loop up to take the slack.

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