Sunday 15 June 2014

'Here Prince....'

A new piece of motive power for Tal-coed. Built by an old friend on a Bachmann chassis that has been re-muffed (steady boys) by Ian Turner. It was all a bit grimey underneath so wheels were cleaned and a little oil added. Running was a little hesitant and what was a ten minute clean turned into an hour's fault finding as the running just got worse with it jamming and getting very warm. I eventually worked out, after the worm was thought to be the culprit, that the slide-bar cylinder assembly was loose. A little super glue and levelling seems to have cured.
It was built from photos only,is a tad overscale and could do with some more work especially on the tender which is bare. Some tentative enquiries have turned me into an FR tender expert overnight - there's a lifetimes modelling in just the variations of these.


  1. So the chassis is a Bachmann Turner. With overdrive? We ain't seen nothing yet.

  2. The first single I bought in Boots in Brighton. Boots used to sell records! Err what's a record?

  3. Got lots in the garage, if the mice haven't eaten the wax they're made of. Great track, slightly spoiled by visions of Smashy and Nicey and that huge handle...