Sunday, 20 July 2014


 Yesterday an epic trip down to Zomerset to Larkrail. Which is I believe a charity event run by the proprietors of The Titfield Thunderbolt bookshop in Bath. I was drawn by the number of modelling heavy-hitters and the prospect of what is always an entertaining dinner at CP's on the way home.
Stunning event. Quite church-hally in vibe, and the feel of a proper old-fashioned club show. Quality of stuff, very high and catering to match. I particularly wanted to see Maurice Hopper's public transport friendly layout, though came away more confused than enlightened. What I should have done was hang around and watch him pack up.
The surprise of the day was this beautiful Cambrian piece - very much in the Barry Norman school with a deep baseboard and hight scenery to track ratio. I don't normally drool over finescale layouts, but this was at a sensible hight and was perfect in all aspects.
Even outside there was things to see if you could dodge the downpours (note the accent over 'depot') The show seemed well attended even though it's not actually advertised in the normal listings and appears to rely on word of mouth. Worth a look if it happens next year.


  1. Chris
    I'm envious had planned to go but something else got in the way.
    Hopefully verbally confirmed the EM will be at Croydon show.