Friday 18 July 2014

Moving Egg

 Generally pretty quiet on the modelling front with lots of other things to do; mainly boring stuff like accounts and ripping up asbestos laden floor tiles - well I didn't want to live that long did I?
Though a little work has been carried out on the Egger WW coach conversion. With the floor opened up, which took longer than I anticipated, the Kato chassis now slots in. The ride height isn't quite what I wanted , but is OK.
Some rudimentary seats are being added using a bit of scrap 30 thou, so far one one side, and a load of lead stuffed underneath. Note I've left one end intact for the minute to stabilize the sides. Once the interior is sorted and the new inner end is on, it too will face the wrath of the Exacto saw. So far, so good and the whole thing has yet to explode.
I've been pondering about taking a break. The modelling has been quite intense over the last few months and I feel as though I'm on a bit of a treadmill and trying to please everyone else. I may tidy up what's on the bench and to be published and take a sabbatical. It's hardly life threatening, but I do get tired of the various factions asking why I've given up standard gauge of why I not yet produced a 7mm ng layout, or started one in 3mm. Life would be easier if I just did one thing and just for me.


  1. I know just the feeling Chris. It's taken me until recently to sort this one out. I hit a crisis just over a year ago where I felt totally overwhelmed by everything. It took a visit to a very sympathetic doc who said 1, concentrate on work and 2, then just do what YOU want to do.

    Now, I'm doing just that and although I'm enjoying sharing progress on Compass Point I'm not worrying about getting it ready to exhibit (well perhaps a bit) but just enjoying the process, however long it takes.

    The moral is: 'Don't do it, unless it's for you and makes you happy'.

  2. We are looking for 50 to 1 layouts in 3mm to celebrate the anniversary if you are up for it!

  3. See what I mean? Dangle, dangle...