Wednesday 20 August 2014


It's been hectic around here. Mrs. F is on crutches (pause for gags) we have had builders in for over a week knocking holes in walls and plastering, so downstairs has been partially out of bounds and due to the above I've had to climb out of my pit before lunchtime to do the school run (I know, there is a reason).

Result - my modelling mojo is very low.

Anyway the summer party went very much to plan, enjoyed by all and once again the weird sight of grown men queuing for ice cream. Me? I saw nothing, too busy making tea. 


  1. Was it a "Bring a layout" party?

  2. Tea, is that what it was? I thought the dark orange liquid in the cups was a concoction of Irn Bru and rust weathering powder. Mind you I did manage to see off about 20 cups of it - very nice too!

  3. PP - Yes indeed.
    MT - is that where it all went?