Monday, 1 September 2014


 I'm not really a club person, probably for the same reasons as I'm not really a forum person. There are exceptions though. I have only ever been a 'member' of one model railway club that being the Sussex Downs Group of the 009 Society and have have to point out that I learnt more in that period about how to do and not do things than at any other time, which is probably as good a reason as any to join up. So when I was asked to help out by the above at an exhibition later this month I agreed and asked if I could come along for a couple of meetings. Things have changed somewhat in venue, but the dynamic is still the same. In common with all organisations there are movers and shakers and those who float around the periphery, and the downside is that most things are voted upon, which is the bit that I find difficult to grasp. It's all to easy to end up with a decision which pleases everyone and yet pleases no one. That said the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and I might well make this more of a regular occurrence, they're a nice bunch and if I can find a way to set fire to the  club layout all will go very well...

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  1. The skill with model railway clubs is sorting the wheat from the chaff. There will always be those who say a lot when they should shut up. Also those who are interesting and really worth getting to know, but you don't initially spot them. Personally, I find the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I don't get involved with club layouts but am happy to take my turn on the tea rota and clubroom maintainance. I don't want to be on the committee but apprecate that someone has to be and it isn't always easy to please the aforementioned loud people (who also don't want to be on the committee and sitting on the sidelines moaning is easier). Of course it helps that my local club jas excellent tea and biscuits.