Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lovely legs

And more woodwork. I worked out a while ago that at least some of the time it's pointless dragging a car full of trestles around to hang the layout on so came up with a simple lifter for Garn which vanished. So for the single showing of Edge and for the future showing of Morton Stanley a replacement has been constructed.
Basically all out of 19x34mm batten. The main bit is 1m long x 10" tall, the side wings 12" x 10" tall. All held together with glue and 3/4" screws and connected by cheap 38mm hinges from B&Q. These strangely come with 8 screws per hinge rather than the required four. But then at least two are so badly cast that they fall through the holes... quality no object obviously.
The whole sits on a 29-30" high exhibition table taking the bottom of the baseboard to 39"+ . Plus the depth of the board at my standard 3" lifts the track level to not much less than it would be on trestle and a great saving on weight and moving.


  1. I presume the frame sits on the table as we see it in the picture with 1 metre bit going under the front of the layout and the wings going back under the sides. Do you fix the layout down in any way or rely on gravity to hold it in place?

  2. Gravity. It's free and doesn't need loading into the car. I sued exactly the same set-up for Garn with no problems.