Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fiddle yard board.

When is a fiddle yard not a fiddle yard? When it's a fledgling Krupabahn as well.
Edge needs a storage yard of some sort for its one show. Building one for just a day seems a little wasteful, so I though that it would be an idea to double the usage and make it scenic-able as well. here it is in its basic final shape. track will be lightly tacked down to make a two-road temporary fiddle yard for the day, the permanent stuff will come later. The layout will sit on a fold up base and this board will jack off of it with a single leg, the same method as was used on Garn a couple of years back. Things may all seem a bit disjointed  at the moment, but there is a plan. the days work today was to firm this board up with corner blocks and add the lower section base.

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