Tuesday 14 October 2014

Rachel in green

Another one of the infamous window sill shots. Incidentally is it cill or sill? I thought the former, but Google say no. Anyway, a rake through the paint box threw up this apple green enamel. I moved away from enamels years ago, but not only are there a few in the box from before, but I have another boxful of Mrs F.'s dad's who passed them on when he gave up. What I don't like is the drying time and the fact that there is an extra thing to buy in the form of white spirit. With the acrylics I can just use water which is readily available in the toilet bowl next door.
So this is one thin coat of red and green and I think looks quite smart already. The Ben root is obvious, and I imagine there will be a lot who will think it's the Smallbrook kit. When it is plastic sheet and fittings from the 4mm Gibson range.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice loco Chris and nice colour. I've got one in black. When you come to show the layout, I'd be happy to bring my 7mm locos and stock, if it's not too far from me and only if you're interested.