Wednesday 15 October 2014

Skip find fiddle yard

Being holed up in the house all day yesterday due to the carpet man coming, I turned toward a FY for Morton Stanley. Mr Carpet was supposed to be here in the morning, but rolled up at five to three. Well children, can you guess what sort of mood I was in?

The bit of 6mm MDF was fished out of the skip at the council tip and by the sketches on it looks like it's an off-cut from a wardrobe project. This mean that the FY will be the odd length of 29 5/8". Which with a bit of point juggling is just long enough. M. Stanley only has a possible run-round length of 16" of train plus loco, so no real problems. This was chopped down to a foot wide and uprights (or sides) added from the off-cut and a bit of gash at 3" high (deep).

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