Sunday 5 October 2014

Saturday Ramble.

The fiddle yard for Edge in all its simplicity. Two roads and a point with a DPDT switch lashed to it. Which is just enough to get it through a day's exhibition. I did decide to fit an on/off switch to the feed to cut the whole thing dead giving a three train roster. Well how many do you need?

I'm wondering if the grinding move toward turning exhibitions into corporate events is taking all the fun out of it. Being ordered ushered about by high-viz jackets at the unloading stage and then barred from taking a cup of tea in behind the layout is making it feel decidedly like a work-place environment - except we're not getting paid. Coming away feeling like an employee, but with no pay packet is surely going to prove negative. I've said before that I prefer the smaller village hall events, and that's not changing. If a club is going to go for the big venue/big entrance numbers, then it only seems fair that there is a professional fee at the end of it all to match.

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