Sunday, 26 October 2014

Edge at ExpoNG

 ExpoNG. Not so much an exhibition, as a day out with your mates. After a bit of a late start for yours truly, I arrived to find Edge being handled jointly by Nigel and COD. I did try to make an effort to operate it, but it's very difficult to get from one side of an aisle to the other without three people talking to you. The show, or what I saw of it, was outstanding. Edge got lots of lovely comments and at the end of the afternoon was crowbarred into a Mini and taken to Birmingham.
The photos enclosed are shamelessly lifted from Mr Campbell's picassa page which includes the whole show and can be accessed via the link to your right.
Kudos to Richard Glover who walked away with both pots this year for Pagham on it's last (?) outing.
This was a bit of a full stop in the calendar - last of the five weekend run, the showing of the non-exhibition layout at the premier NG show, but more than that, a full stop in the treadmill of getting this particular layout finished. In many ways it's been a commission, that has been commissioned by me; a single entity with no real reason except to be built. Therefore I'm glad that it has gone to a good home home and to a person I've known for many years.
The full stop now having been mounted and stuffed, it's time, with a Spitfire repeatedly flying over and Mrs F. downstairs painting the ceilings (I know how to treat a girl, I always find pointing out the bits she's missed is a popular move) to move back into gear with Morton Stanley. A return in fact to modelling for me; for fun.

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