Thursday, 23 October 2014

The edge of reason

Edge sees it first and only public showing this weekend at Swanley. It's been a funny old piece of work, one that was built not for operation, but to take photos of the construction and nothing more. It was designed (if there was a design) to be front operated at home set against a wall and therefore is not a comfortable beast to work at a show. Post exhibition it leaves for a new life somewhere else.

I want to concentrate on other projects now, maybe slow down the making of things and do some modelling again, exhibiting is all very well, but it becomes the drive and this is very much the tail wagging the dog. This will be five weekends in a row - not exactly stressful in a workaday manner, but you do start to wonder why. Friends are more important than the public, possibly that is the way to go.

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