Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Uckfield exhibition

 I hate to say it as the man in charge is such an irritating bastard, but the Uckfield show is probably one of the best in the South East. The quality of layouts is high and the the organisation is slick. Exhibitors are treated well and with lunches that knock most others into a cocked hat.
Operating Tim's Portskerra was a joy; with full interlocking, every move has a reason and you can't move unless things have been set properly... it's a real model railway as it should be done. And with 99% stock reliability you look to your own route set screw-ups before you'd even think of prodding a loco. A more modest builder you'd never find, and cleverer ones are rare.

It would be hard to pick a best in show from the others, but Dave Holman's new 7mm scale 5'3" Irish grabbed my attention. Pragmatically built with full use of certain 4mm bits, it's a wonderful piece of work even before any trains appear.
A damn good weekend.

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