Sunday, 16 November 2014

Rooter repair.

A little repair work on the K's Terrier. I quite like these older kits, there is a softness about them. No, they don't have the crispness and detail of the modern kits and RTR, but instead they have a more personal feel and character to them. This little chap has been in the wars having been left in a drawer for a while, and has injuries, notably the safeties which hang over the dome. I looked at the part in the un-touched kit I have , and soldered a pair of copies up from some 1mm rod and a scrap of waste fret from a Langley kit.
 The broken remainders were drilled out ,
and the new scrap replacements super-glued on and painted. OK, so it's a bit rough, but from the normal distances would you know it wasn't the kit part?


  1. I'd forgotten about the other nickname for Terriers.......the K&ESR members' newsletter used to be called "The Rooter" back in the early 1970s so there is your irrelevant fact for the day! I found an old MRC annual the other day which has one of Giles Barnabe's plans for a multi station light railway (for 009 in this's based on the premise of the W&L transplanted to Hardy country) and I must admit that the idea of modelling a whole railway is quite appealing, especially for home use.

  2. PS that old K's terrier kit is a blast from the past for me; I badgered my mum into buying me one for Christmas when I was about 13....needless to say, I made a total cock up of it! My later attempt at the Westward version wasn't much better.......
    Stig again.