Wednesday 5 November 2014

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Work continues at a startling pace on Morton Stanley. The track is now painted and all the main grassy bank bits done. What it was lacking was a scale. I've been struggling to focus on how big or small things are so after the whole lot had had a hoover run over it to remove all the bits I painted the platform black where the building will go, dumped it on, and rested a figure against it. All of a sudden the whole thing sized up much more and the 16.5 track gauge and the section of Wills sheet stopped tricking my eye into thinking that it was 4mm. Placing the figure on was the turn-around point.
What is jarringly apparent is how big the widows are and that there needs to be something inside even with the reflection killing black paint on the floor. Aspidistra in the window?


  1. We always used to put a dark grey baffle about half an inch back from the windows in architectural models. But an aspidistra would look good!
    And we all like a "big widow"!

  2. Yes, I think a gathering of widows inside would look excellent!