Tuesday, 30 December 2014

7mm scale warehouse

With the big shed and small shed done I spent some time this morning positioning and cutting a thick piece of card. As can be seen this lifts the buildings up to a smidge below the rail height. The area in front will be Das'd and scribed. I said that very quickly to make it sound like a fast job - you better believe that it won't be.


  1. This looks even better now it's in its place, it makes a change from the usual "generic goods shed".
    I take it the DAS reference means you're going to inset the track?

  2. It's such a unique building. Has Nigel based it on a particular prototype? Somewhere in Sussex maybe?

  3. It's based on a building in Gold Street, Safron Waldon (google should bring it up) Mrs F and I had been away and stopped there for a tea break. I tend to photograph stuff like this for future reference. Nigel got the photo file and set to work.

  4. And a truly splendid job Nigel has made of it. Please congratulate him for me. Ah, Essex, another county with timber clad buildings. I believe they refer to it as clapboard in that county.
    Happy New year to you and yours.

  5. Chris, that warehouse is just simply stunning, the colours just right, and in my opinion one of your more superior pieces of work. I can't wait to see this layout in the flesh in due course.


  6. Puds: I just painted it, Mr Hill's build.