Monday, 29 December 2014

16mm scale Hunslet

This is all a bit weird. I honestly have not got a clue what I'm doing with this, but I'm simply making one part at a time and seeing how it goes.
Bonnet front went on in the early hours -  a piece of 60 thou 50 x 44 with a hole cut in it, then added to the back of that a piece of car body fill mesh that I must have had in the box for the best part of thirty years awaiting this sort of thing.
I did ponder on a freelancy name such as Hudslet or Rudson etc, but even though Hudson never built anything remotely close to this design it felt better. Lettering is of course from Coopercraft's station nameboard set for 4mm.
Now I might take a bit of a break from it and back to something more serious and pressing in 7mm.

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