Sunday 18 January 2015

Mix and match

In order to give myself a little break from all the 7mm stuff that's been happening recently my hand fell on a 4mm kit... well sort of. There is a small box which lurks in the dark corners - a bug box in fact, as that what it contains. Quite a while ago Stig gave me a the box which held several un-built and started Parkside F&B coaches. It has so far produced about three which run on Tal-coed. In addition to that Parksides often have sides for sale on their stand for a couple of quid. Several of these have been bought and tossed into the box. This then is one set of sides, the wrong ends and some bits of seating from one of the kits and a bit of plasticard. A leisurely hour cleans up the parts, makes a couple of new bits and welds the whole lot together. What more could you want?

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