Monday 19 January 2015

Wales 1

 Although there is a fair bit of modelling going on I though a little prototype things would not go amiss through this week. What this actually means is that I've sorted through some photos from the long weekend in N. Wales last Autumn. So here is the first of a few things that caught my eye.
I'd never been to Llangollen before and we stopped for a tea break late afternoon. One of the cafes in town would have done, but we tend to support the railways whenever possible so a wander over the bridge and the station tea room it was. While Mrs F. got her phone out and checked in with parents and children I took a few information shots on the empty platform. This short underslung arm is wonderful, but throws up a question: why is it there? It is positioned almost at the end of the platform, the first shot faces the buffers and release point. So is it just to clear the loco to run around? And if so, why is this not a manual/flag movement considering the proximity of the box 10' away?

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