Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life's a bench

Firstly have a look at these; Swansea docks sidings over a long period. Lovely.

I guess most people would buy a seat. I needed a bench to stick at the side of the station building on Morton Stanley. Nothing too ostentatious, just a simple rural seat that would have been knocked up out of old bits of fencing or similar. 15 mins and some scrap 60thou 28mm long, 8mm high and hacked at with a craft knife. Two triangular fillets stop our tubby gent crushing the whole thing. 
I note that whenever I put anything related to the Art of Compromise plan up here the viewing stats go off the scale. So how come you never ever see any being built?


  1. Great photos. I well remember the steam days and it was good to see a photo of 1152. I presume its mate 1338 is under the water tower in one of the photos.

  2. I played about a bit with the A of C in 3mm using the Ian Rice version as a through station ,but spent so long looking at it and got bored with it.
    My present test track that you didn't get a lot of chance to look at is a borrow from another plan , that with a gimmick was a successful exhibition layout for members of the Oxford Club.

  3. That tubby gent is playing on his iPad!

  4. That tubby gent is playing on his iPad!