Monday, 2 February 2015

Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty

Bit of a hectic weekend, though I did manage to sneak into the shop at the Lavender Line where the above was purchased for the princely sum of four quid. For younger readers I will explain: this is a 'Bradford Barton'. Before the advent of sensible desktop publishing and the multitude of books that are available now, these were the absolute bollocks in reasonable price rail-photo books. Unlike the digital processes where photos can be dropped into text at will at any size, you were lucky to get a half dozen pages of 'plates' in a 250 page tome on your particular interest. The BBs were different; standard format of around 100 pages of just full page B/W plates with captions, very much the predecessor of the Middleton Press range; but bigger format. And with a publication date of 1976 this one is just about to hit 40. There were thousands of BBs printed, but where did they all go? This is a bit of a rare one and at that price irresistible.

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