Monday 9 February 2015

Morton Stanley

 All done now. Just awaiting a couple of buckets from Scandinavia and a Roxey bike. It's been quite a fun build - more than I had anticipated and very low cost which to an extent was part of the brief. M. Stanley was/is very much a test piece and although it is exhibitable and was designed as such, I think a two day-er would be a little too far. Cosy one day-ers and members days are more it's style.
And now? Well there are tidy up bits on the bench; in fact I could spend the rest of the year just doing tidy up bits. Without leaning in any direction I can reach an 009 coach (actually plural) an EM Y6, a 16mm diesel, some fencing for Tal-coed, Langley cow-catchers to go on an 009 railcar and something in 3mm. That's just what's on the bench; lean  6" to either direction and the whole world opens up into a modelling vista.
Just send me paint, glue and commissions.

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