Wednesday 11 February 2015

Moving on slightly

...but only slightly.
Morton Stanley has been stood on its end and put to one side for a moment while I clear a few things and re-organise. So why is there a baseboard photo? Well, the old trimmed Rhiw boards had been sitting in the garage for six months getting all cold so I thought it was time to get them in, warm them up, give them some hot soup, and take a look at what I could do. A little track has been dumped on and moved about to see how it looks, but first they need a damn good clean and sand -down. There's still quite a bit of ballast/glue residue on the flat bit and the 'sky' will need sanding and re-painting. And that's just the start.

The desk has been partially cleared of debris and work done on the 009 F&B coach and the second Peckett for Morton Stanley has been 90% dry-brushed weathered just to tone it all down. Only the cab roof needs attention and some plates sourced. The biggest item to shift is the IPEng based 16mm diesel, this is primary this week.

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