Monday 27 April 2015

Something for the weekend

The first part.
Two exhibition visits in two days. One excellent, and one, despite high quality in some quarters, was sadly lacking. Tip for managers: If you must insist on having lots of rummage s/h stalls (one is good) don't put them opposite the entrance so that your visitor thinks that he's got the date wrong and it's the church jumble sale. I only went to this show to have a chat to a couple of people about an ongoing/upcoming project more of which later - I certainly won't go again.
The second part.
Caption competition.
At the excellent Epsom show where it was hard to pick a duff one and even the last minute replacement would beat most into second place, there was a lot of chat and banter with old mates. Above are two stalwarts of the 3mm Society examining some 2mm finescale.
A prize for the most amusing.


  1. "Blimy, old chap, is that what I think it is?!" "No, mate, it's in 2mm."

  2. I tell you it moved !

  3. I thought this was finescale? That tree is at least a scale foot too short and the green is the wrong shade

  4. "Live steam in 2mm?" "More likely the motor's on fire."