Thursday 27 August 2015

Art of Compromise station building

Hornby station shelter
I was going to scratch-build one of the Forest of Dean station buildings from the Wild Swan drawings for the Art of Compromise. However... in keeping with the slightly RTR attitude that the layout demands, something more ordinary.

The Hornby station shelter has been around for quite a while and is freely available in rummage boxes for next to nothing. The roof  though is a very heavy moulding and I needed something lighter and more in keeping with the SE Wales feel. So some Slaters sheet and a bit of plasticard. I just need a lamp from an Airfix engine shed to finish it.


  1. Good to see the Hornby station being put to good use. I bought one off evilbay to use on CP but it just didn't look right. Perhaps not 'Southern' enough?

  2. Oh I dunno. Green paint, a tiled or slate roof. The waiting area doorway supports are very Western LSWR in style.

  3. Have yo seen the new Hornby halt? Obviously appeals to me since it is corrugated iron, though a little pricey.