Friday 28 August 2015

Stock boxes

One of the problems with a large number of RTR HO items for an exhibition layout is that they come in nice over-packaged boxes. Then tendency, as these are designed to fit, is to use these as show transportation packed into a single cardboard box. The downside is that when you get there these have to be individually unpacked and then you are left with empty boxes everywhere - the back of the layout looks like the Hattons waste bin.

I do the food shopping. If I'm on my metal I can be out the house, round Aldi and back in 30 minutes. Occasionally I have to take Mrs F. due to work timings. This is quite frankly a pain in the arse. Like most females she treats food shopping like a day out to the seaside and not a pure calorie gathering exercise. The upshot is it now takes over an hour while she examines all the bargains they dump in the middle of the shop for future Christmas gifts etc. Yesterday though she beat me. I was at the till after an almost record breaking 4.5 minute circuit when I saw her waving a box, a big flat tool type box. The above problem seemed to vanish. All the Svanda NSB stock would drop into these with a little bubble wrap packing and save all the multi-box game. The photo shows the deal. The NSB stuff is loooong... British stuff would pack better. £6.99 Aldi.

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  1. I went into the newish Aldi on Saturday but sadly no Stock boxes. Probably no good for titchy double o nine stuff anyway.