Thursday 20 August 2015

Sanding sticks

Once in a while I do a bit of tool making. Sanding sticks - the shaping and tidying of plastic for the use of. Craft shop lolly sticks, sorted for straightness, suck to cheap wet and dry paper. Simple, and will last me  six months.

Off topic rant. If you've got a minute, read this and think about it. I've watched the industry I've worked in cut down and kicked over the last few years and this is the main problem - the general devaluation of music as a skill and art form. The next time you lift music from the net for nothing or next to nothing take a couple of seconds to think where it actually came from and who you are affecting.


  1. Craft shop lolly sticks? Not nearly as nice as those that came with a lolly attached. Or Chip forks, also very useful.

    As for the music, streatch that to any artform where the product can be lifted digitally for free. I once read on a model boat forum, the suggestion that plans ought to be free. It appears that the person drawing them up doesn't deserve to be paid because only the reproduction should cost. Make me sick. And angry.

  2. I made some similar sticks up when I wanted to get rid of the slight amount of stepping on the surface of a 3D printed model, though I used coffee stirrers and 2000 grade wet-and-dry the principle is the same.
    Apropos the devaluation of many creative skills, music included, as well as other services due to the ease of ripping things off.......I think a part of the problem is the attitude that if something can be had for nothing, why pay for it? We see it all the time at work, and when I was involved in revenue protection some years back I often came across otherwise honest people who wouldn't, for example, go shoplifting but thought nothing of dodging a train fare. The sort of excuses often given for not paying to travel were along the lines of "well it's too expensive anyway" to which my reply was usually to issue a £20 penalty fare.........I'm all heart, me!