Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saturday Ramble

No I'm not dead, though I have had toothache, but that's not quite the same thing. With one thing and another it's been tickety busy here. Without really realising it I've landed myself with an editor's hat. It's surprising how much this changes the outlook even at the small scale that this is. Things have a very outward view rather than the inward view of most modelling events. Everything now has a possible publication essence - not that it didn't before apropos here on the blog, but now the focus is much greater. It didn't matter if I did or didn't post something,  now I have deadlines and have to act as cheerleader.
Extra to that is book two which I stupidly said yes to doing. The narrow gauge effort was a coast - this won't be as I'm slightly out of my comfort zone. It's surprising how little I know about a subject that I thought I was fairly familiar with, and how this turns into some quite enjoyable book and internet research. It also brings friend's collections of books and photos out of the woodwork. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by generous and helpful people who are only to glad to respond to questions, or have me rake through their book and photo collections. The upshot of this as regards the blog is that I don't get to be here as often as I'd like, and that me disciplining myself to do so will result in a a diet of Southern Region stuff.
The above is a snap of the sand line at Bude. I'm probably not the only one who's heart quickens at the site of an old set of rails half buried in something. This discovery set in motion a period of research which threw up that this 2' line, originally 4', dragged sand up from the beach (bottom left) to the canal basin (right). A full article by me will appear in SRI No2.

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