Wednesday 16 September 2015


 Well I did warn you. This is the last of the Southern wagonary to be built... probably. Basic Ratio ply van with a couple of tweeks, mainly on the underside. It shows the problems of using waterslide transfers clearly - a problem I've been having since I was 10 and have yet to overcome. The weathering came out OK though. I wanted something that looked like it smelt of damp wood.

A question. I need one of these. In case you didn't spot it straight away it's a Bachmann analogue 08. I'm not fussy about livery as it's to be chopped about. A while back they were piled high at shows for about thirty quid when all the kids abandoned them for DCC versions.
Now that I want one .... tumbleweed....

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  1. I might be able to help with your 08 search. E-mail me...