Friday 18 September 2015


Long term readers will recall my 'road to Damascus' moment a couple of years back with Wills sheet. I was given a cottage Craftsman Kit and built it up with a few mods for Tal coed. What that tipped up was my change of heart in using the thick Wills sheet as a modelling material, something I'd turned my nose up at before. Now having used it on book number one I'm doing the same with two. The station kit is a natural as it lends itself to a Southern-type building.
The kit instruction (ha!) state that this is their 'most complex kit yet'. I agree - and a kit it ain't. The box is broken into and you are faced with.... well think of grabbing a random selection of Wills packs off the model shop shelf and dumping the whole lot into an ice cream tub, then getting an old Vivian Thompson drawing from 1972, photocopying it and putting the two side by side on the bench. This is what I'm faced with - plastic bits... drawing... turn this into that. I reckon I'll be at this for a month. This could be another Airfix Spitfire blog session.


  1. I think you are very brave using the brick sheet...I haven't the cojones any more!! I have heard of making the window openings with a specially adapted chisel... anyway, apart from that, it should be fun!

  2. I've only ever used Wills sheet for buildings. Yes it's hard to cut and, sometimes, brittle but I like its sheer solidity and substance. With care, corners of buildings can be successfully mitered and the brick courses carried round convincingly. Good luck Chris!

    1. Chris, you are a better man than me, and I feel ashamed now. I find the stuff infuriating, but I'm glad that other folk manage to produce good stuff with it.