Saturday, 21 November 2015

Art of compromise update

Art of compromise model railway layout

Tweaking the Art of Compromise plan
For anybody biting their nails and losing sleep over the progress on the Art of Compromise fear not, it's still going. There have been other things to do that have pushed it back slightly on the pecking order, but I do a bit to it once in a while. The basic green stuff and made up surfaces are on. There are subtle changes to the Link plan in detail, but the basic shape and size are still obvious - the main change being the long dock in place of the coal staithes. As I've mentioned before the width at this point is way too narrow to get everything in that Roy drew on the plan so 'compromises' had to be made. Therefore an open area for coal 'loading' with not too much storage is the idea. This is based on several photos of coal wagons being unloaded onto raised docks. The three bin idea for coal did exist, but I don't think it was as common as modellers often portray.
Already I think I've proved that the plan does work with a few tweaks.


  1. It's looking good, Chris........despite the small space, you've managed to get the track looking quite sinuous.
    I wonder whether you really need "storage" for coal at all......perhaps at such a small location the coal might have been unloaded directly into the coal merchants' carts, or maybe said merchants had their main office/unloading/storage at a siding just down the line?
    If you feel the need to justify a lack of facilities at a terminal station, you could perhaps use the excuse I've used on "Fidley", that it wasn't originally a terminus but the line has been truncated at an earlier date, or (perhaps more likely in the context of AoC) that it wasn't originally intended to be the terminus but the rest of the line was never built.
    All good stuff.....

  2. That is looking pretty good so far, Chris. In practice how much stock can the loop hold?

  3. Si: The coal loading was the general idea; maybe one bin for sacks, scales etc.
    JF: It's 25" between foul points so will squeeze a B set.