Friday, 20 November 2015

Hornby Terrier

Terrier done. This is all (as usual) fairly old fashioned stuff - taking a RTR item and adding a few detail bits. Unbelievably the Dapol terrier has been around since 1986; I still view it as a new model. The Hornby remake is, as far as I can see, unaltered from the original.
The one I had was numbered 636. Not that makes any difference as all the numbers would need an equal amount of work. Here the bunker is fine as is, but the upper sandboxes need to come off, which is the scary bit. Then various bits moved or taken off and lamp irons added. The pipework on top is the fiddle. There are some painty bits around the cab to do and a crew to add. Hornby give you a few extras to add including the extension ring for the smokebox. This visually the weakest bit for me as the line is impossible to disguise. Lightly weathered by airbrush... yeah right. Like I could afford one of those... Tatty No 2 brush and some Ga**s Wo**sh*p acrylic dry brushed on. Far more of a Ford technique. All of this will of course be detailed properly in the next printed volume - in case you hadn't spotted the thread of late.


  1. This is all very worrying................. I have recently aquired a Hornby Schools for a very knock down price from Brian G's 009 sales emporium, which has been on my bucket list since travelling behind the full size ones way back before your were even a embryonic drummer boy. Then along comes more inspirational stuff with Terrier's and before you know it my list will have N moguls. Q1, H, 2NOL etc etc etc on it -leading to goodness knows what diversions from the chosen path of freelance narrow gauge............... Nurse, the screens, quick!

    PS Nice bit of modelling young Sir.


  2. Nothing wrong with Games Workshop paints. I have a boat with a Snot Green hull. Their weathering inks are very useful too.

  3. Your comment about the age of the model reminds me of a conversation in the school canteen (so about 1980) during which I voiced the opinion that a fleet of R-T-R Terriers would be ideal for use on a version of CJFs "Minories" which my fellow teenaged pundits' reaction was along the lines of "They'll never do a Terrier ready to run"........yeah, right!