Tuesday 3 November 2015


Saturday saw the 2015 ExpoNG at Swanley. Always a highlight of the year, not just because it's narrow gauge, but more of a social event as you tend to spend the whole day talking and catching up with people. Mr. Hill and I were attending with Morton Stanley so less time to walk around. Consequently I missed things, though there are photo galleries available via Mike Campbell's blog to your right. What did catch my eye and was a personal highlight was Tom Dauben's Isle Ornsay which after going to a few shows during its build is now finished and looks fantastic (above with Ted Polet's Atlantic perched on the turntable). What is a worry is the state of the venue which appears to be literally crumbling with huge cracks in the walls and broken floor sections among other things. Are the council letting it fall down deliberately?
Morton Stanley behaved more than adequately and there are questions around it. It was only really intended as a bit of fun to use some bits up and to tick a box. There were though several future unconfirmed invites on the day, so there are the questions of what do we want to do with it and why?

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  1. Agree fully with your Expong comments Chris. Excellent day out of social fellowship and top clas modelling in a shabby building, but I have long ago learned to use the Swanley bakery rather than the leisure centre refreshment non-facilities and the crumbling walls and floors didn't worry me personally too much!

    To respond to your question and help with decision making about what you should do with Morton Stanley: if you are stuck, you could always donate it to a good home, I know of one very near to where I am sitting at the moment - could even be pursuaded to have a play with 7mm as I've been an armchair member of the 7mm NGA for over a quarter of a century now!

    Good to see you and exchange banter- briefly, at Swanley.