Monday 2 November 2015


 On the last lap and halfway through the painting. The brickwork is a bit of a challenge. The local stuff is an orangey brown. The goods shed below is the ex- LBSCR one at Cooksbridge. What is noticeable is what I take to be lime based mortar not only in the joints, but leaching out over the surface leaving a white-ish deposit. In theory easy, in practice, hard to get right.
I got up this morning and found it so quiet that I thought I'd gone deaf. Then I realised that half term was ended and Mrs F had returned to school.... peace, and a return to a slower pace.
Small plug and while we're on the brickwork. Scale Rail International No3 which is out now, features Roger Jenner's very small G scale layout /diorama with some stunning scenic work.

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  1. My approach would be simple. If I tried really really hard to get the mortar to stay in the joints I could guarantee recreating that leached look. Obviously if I was aiming for the leached look I would end up with pristine brickwork.