Thursday 28 January 2016

I'll start so....

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in going through periods where stuff isn't getting finished. There are effectively three physical projects on the desk as well as various writing things to do.
The first is the SR diesel which keeps quietly stalling due to me wanting a bit more detail. This time it's lamps. There are hundreds of them all over the thing in the prototype photos, but alas none in the kit. This means I have to make them and I haven't quite worked out how yet.

Second up is a SR blockhouse signal cabin of which possibly more later. Again another Wills sheet exercise.
Third is the above which is a Wills 'goods yard store'. This is destined for the Art of compromise project. More or less a straight build of the kit, but replacing the girdery base with something more substantial and brick. At the moment I'm on the third coat of cream paint. Why is it that all the standard railway type colours are the ones which have lousy coverage?

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  1. I'm with you in having several projects on the go at any one time. At present I'm partway through bashing a Fordson tractor into one with tracks, and an 009 diesel bashed from a std gauge Airfix kit. As well I'm working on my second novel (Greer is editing my first) so I've got plenty to keep me busy. I guess diversity makes life interesting.