Thursday 7 April 2016

Gomshall ARPsignal box

Mrs F is on holiday from Hogwarts, so days out have to be planned. Not one to pass up an opportunity and needing a photo, I suggested a trip across the razor wire into leafy Surrey where prices start at half a million and everyone is strangely the same colour. Lunch at The Compasses (note plural) and then off on another wild goose chase to find a signal box that's probably been knocked down - only this one hadn't. There's not much on Gomshall station and they appear to be building a bridge to get rid of the occupation crossing between the staggered platforms so that the nice lady looking after it has time to walk down to the UAB to sign on.

ARP boxes- completely devoid of architectural merit, but somehow quite gorgeous. This one has lost its stairs and windows and I think may have a preservation order on it. Which is good - well good for me at least You can't get a square elevation shot without warming your feet on the live rail or get around the back, but I have more shots it anyone wants them.

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