Friday 1 April 2016

Welsh Highland Railway Super power

One of those 'let's go now' situations where we piled into the car and went to N. Wales quite last minute. Deadly quiet just after the Easter weekend, where I though it would be heaving with children on holiday. I doesn't look like too many of us want to do this anymore.
Lots of new ideas where I'm trying to find new angles and ways to do things, so rather that riding-on the accent was on watching from different points, but making sure that any cash we spent on food etc went into the railway coffers to compensate. Likewise lunch on the return trip was taken at a deserted Llanfair station café.

I have mixed feelings about the NG16s. They are somehow too big. Very impressive, but visually out of place. I do like the compression that is forced upon the indigenous rolling stock.

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  1. I empathise completely Chris! 6 or 7 years ago I did an "impulsive, let's go now" trip to N Wales with my son about this time of year. N Wales in general was closed! On the way back we stopped off at Llanfair for lunch to find it open but deserted. Cafe only had food for "the hard working volunteers" and would not even make us a sandwich so we got a cup of tea and crisps before searching out an eatery further along the route home! Next time we'll come to East Sussex and see if we can track down an ice cream..............