Friday, 27 May 2016

All our yesterdays

 The art of compromise is nearly done. Not that it's been an intense process, I just fiddle once in a while. There's really only the signal box to do. Above; the left hand end with  full capacity sidings. Not that it's been asked, but do I want to take it out of the house? I thought no initially, then it seemed like a good idea, now I'm not so sure. Definitely on table height trestles I think as befits its 1978 period.

A wander around Rye a few weeks back and a wander into the junk shops on the Stand. This caught my eye and will have a resonance with many. The Bond Aston Martin - but look at the price! With box, and ejector seat included inside, unlike in the Hoover bag where most ended their days.


  1. Good to see it in the 'flesh' so to speak. Can we have a picture of the other end and maybe a couple of shots closer in? The plan always intrigued me, along with hundreds of other modellers no doubt, so seeing it built is a treat.

    Looking at the pic, I'm pondering your choice of goods shed. Thinking about the bigger shed on Llanstr, that model visually anchored that end of the layout, I wonder if a slightly bigger structure might have the same effect on the AotC.

  2. The choice was deliberate. The original plan used the Prototype models GWR shed which although small-ish dominates that end. I've said before that the LH end on the plan won't work in the width as drawn - it's not wide enough. So I've lightened everthing. The Wills shed is the main part of this.