Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wood End 009 - again

Wood End 009
I got taken to task by a member of the Croydon club over the weekend about not posting enough on here. Guilty.

The thing is the Wood End angle - the name and layout that graces this blog. Long gone now from here, but still hanging on in Yorkshire I'm told. The conversations have kept tossing it into the limelight this week; some started by me some by others. Wherever they've come from, it has got me thinking and a couple of things have been discussed. The basic design was good, but the execution less so.

The above photo shows why: the two main boards were supported, the corner section was cantilevered from them. This worked for a while, then the display board was added which added weight, then as can be seen we super glued a two year old to this by his fingertips and the whole thing sagged, so we gave up on it. It's still my favourite. Is it worth doing again?


  1. Am I correct in thinking the design was basically a 'U' shape with two termini?

  2. Yes... but find a few ways to make the new version original?

    Different end boards could allow straight or L layouts to suit exhibits and vary the looks too.

  3. K. Correct
    MC: It's the shape that attracts, not the subject.