Monday, 14 August 2017

Trestles new

With the possible likelihood of me taking the Art of Compromise to the Wealden 25th anniversary show in March next year, I thought I'd better start thinking about underpinnings. Regulars will realise that it was not thought of or designed for public consumption so a couple of ... compromises have to be made. The layout is normally mounted on the wall with my usual (for these sorts of things) switches along the front. A trial with the usual tall and 18" wide trestles that are used for Svanda proved that it was awkward to have it this high and far away to operate the points by reaching over. Something more compact was needed.
I actually cut the wood for these a while back and stacked it in the garage to dry.
Made from best B&Q banana pine they are some 36" long (standing around 34.5" high) and are 13" wide to take the AoC 12" wide boards. There is a further cross-piece on these first two to take a shelf (which I don't have the wood for yet) otherwise it's all very basic stuff with a pair of butt hinges and a some bog chain - again from B&Q.
This is quite a departure having a trainset down at 3' off the floor - well having it at eye-level is so 1995/last century  isn't it?

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