Saturday 25 November 2017

009 Society wagon

Last post of the week - I was determined to do one a day for the hell of it. Yesterday I knocked up an 009 wagon for a photo build piece in 009 News. It's a Society kit made by Colin Ashby, and with one small niggle it is an absolute gem. It fell together and has about four brake gear options including the full vacuum version which is what I plumped for. It even includes the vac cylinder and operating arm, something I'd not seen on an 009 kit before. The niggle was the pipes which are a bit crude compared to the rest of the kit. Considering that I've been the magazine editor for over a year now I should do a bit more of this sort of thing.


  1. Is this the 5-plank open, Chris? Can't see photos via this phone and the iPad's snuffed it...
    Nice kits, all of them, and good bash fodder. I've put one of the Society's £2 Minitrains van bodies on a CA chassis; it makes a good size match with both the open and my big A1 Baguley Drewryish....

  2. Having fiddled with settings, I can now see photos again....yeah, I agree about the vac' pipes, though I don't think I've ever bothered fitting them, I tend to go for the single brake shoe and long lever arrangement on wagons on the grounds that it was good enough for the W&L/VoR.
    I have used more complex versions of the brake gear on coaches and even used the clasp brakes from a Society RNAD kit on the chassis I put under a 3D printed brake van.