Tuesday, 5 December 2017

14XX fire iron hooks

This is in some ways a quite old school bit of work - most of my stuff is. A lot of the newer components are wonderful, but I tend to fall back on old ways as they are safe, and more to the point, fairly cheap. They also require 'modelling' as opposed to just buying a bit. This is a case in point. There are I believe some very good etched parts for fire iron hooks, but I have a box of staples in the drawer and a little work with some fine pliers gets a passable shape. Four holes and some super glue and you're away. They're painted now and are barely noticeable. This is good - subtle shapes and shadows work well.
I got taken to task earlier on the phone about my glib mixed class reference. The problem is that before 1946 (i.e. most of their lives under GWR colours) these were 48xx and so most of the modellers usage should be under this numbering, but they were so much longer under 14XX that it seems a bit awkward referring to them as anything else.

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